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Searching your business content should be as easy as googling the weather.

At Docxonomy, we believe there is untapped potential stored in your countless unconnected data repositories containing hidden wisdom. We enable instant, secure and knowledgeable access to both unstructured and structured information by affordably leveraging the latest developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning to gain insight like never before.

You Have It. Can you Find It?
Intelligent Search

Leveraging the power of our Artifical Intelligent and Machine Learning you can intelligently search all of your files regardless of the repository they are in.

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Brilliant Image Understanding

Powerful image understanding, so you can just search for what is pictured in the image and we’ll instantly find it for you. Even if it is buried as an attachment in a file.

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Powerful Audio and Video Analysis

We can determine the visually unique frames in a video and transcribes the audio track into text and then runs that text through our image and text analysis.

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Intelligent Archiving Made Simple

Docxonomy Intelligent Archiving will drive reduction in costs while optimizing your infrastructure and making sure you maintain regulatory compliance. It utilizes the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to easily ingest both structured and unstructured information and keep it secure.

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GDPR Data Identification with Ease

At Docxonomy we believe your data should be at your fingertips.  No matter the size of your company or how organized you are, you can’t protect personal information unless you can identify it and identify every location where it exists. Docxonomy can help.

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Connect. It’s That Simple.

Enjoy plug-and-play integration with unlimited systems.

Docxonomy easily connects to the leading document storage and collaboration tools used by businesses of all sizes – no IT necessary. Google Drive™. Dropbox™. Outlook™. Documentum™. SharePoint™. Even internal shared drives and servers. We make everything searchable from a single “google-style” interface, and use powerful artificial intelligence to give you exactly what you’re looking for, instantly.

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