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Docxonomy is an intuitive AI-powered platform designed for businesses. It effortlessly processes both unstructured and structured data within your organization’s network. With its advanced capabilities in natural language processing (NLP), language generation (NLG), AI, and machine learning, Docxonomy can analyze diverse data types – from Office documents to multimedia and databases. It excels in extracting relevant context and industry-specific insights, classifying files, pinpointing key entities, and offering precise answers. Choose between on-premise or cloud deployment, with quick setup times and no need for extensive consulting. Docxonomy is tailored for immediate industry-specific use, ensuring a swift ROI.

Cost To Develop One New Drug Is $2.6 Billion; Approval Rate for Drugs Entering Clinical Development is Less Than 12%

The Wall Street Journal

Leverage Docxonomy’s artificially intelligent solution to streamline your drug delivery process without costly migrations and expensive projects.

Intelligent Life Sciences

Life Science organizations face many challenges – skyrocketing development costs, government regulations, and shareholders demanding profitability – to name a few. It is more important than ever to reduce the time and cost of drug development by making more informed business decisions by tapping into the information assets that hold your company’s knowledge: unstructured content. Docxonomy can help by employing our AI-enabled platform to analyze millions of PDFs, Word documents, emails, videos, images, and more. This breaks down what was a tangled heap of miscategorized files, into actionable insight previously unknown or inaccessible.

The new administration is ushering in…calls for national net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and a $2 trillion investment to help equitably achieve this target.

Power and Utilities Industry Outlook, Deloitte

Docxonomy’s intelligence and analytics platform can help streamline your energy systems to speed up the process of compliance.

Intelligent Energy

Energy organizations face more pressure than ever to run all their operating assets efficiently, effectively and without interruption. In addition, they must comply with strict health, safety, security and environmental (HSSE) regulations. Docxonomy is an enterprise-class intelligence solution that reduces the time and expertise required to find, share and transmit unstructured content trapped in numerous data silos across your company. Docxonomy enables organizations to comply with dynamically changing, industry-specific, regulatory standards and helps organizations avoid the potential fines, unplanned downtime and negative publicity that result from compliance violations.