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Companies large and small store their content on systems that are inaccessible and difficult to search. That’s where Docxonomy fits in.

Our Approach

Docxonomy is an intelligent search and file management platform that lets individuals or businesses of all sizes easily upload or link to files regardless of where they are stored. Docxonomy has a compelling way that leverages very modern capabilities regarding artificial intelligence and machine learning that allows us to extract the meaning for all of these files automatically.  Easily find and share your files regardless of where they are stored.  Best of all, our proprietary connector technology means Docxonomy works with existing systems. There’s no need to sunset legacy technology or spend months deploying a new platform.

Our Team

Docxonomy was conceptualized and built by a team of content management experts with 30-plus years of experience helping some of the world’s most demanding businesses of all sizes streamline processes, organize data and unlock hidden efficiencies. We won’t ever build technology simply for technology’s sake. We build solutions because we’ve worked in the industries we serve and understand what it takes to make things easier.

Our Promise

Docxonomy will deliver value to your organization by making data locked away in unstructured content accessible and usable, no matter where the original files are stored. We’ll always keep your company’s confidential and critical information completely secure. And we’ll deliver our solution at a fair price—no strings attached. If Docxonomy doesn’t fit your needs, simply cancel at any time.