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Docxonomy Intelligent Search


Intelligent Search expands Enterprise Search and provides the ability to understand meaning within a file that has no structure. We gather knowledge, understanding, and context by using artificial intelligence to read and interpret your data just as a human being would. We have developed this next-generation solution in such a way that we leverage the latest technologies to achieve fast and efficient processing of your information assets. This efficiency translates into a low-cost pricing model that is easy for you to consume.



Docxonomy Intelligent Video & Image Search


These innovations have created massive quantities of files that contain a rich set of knowledge. However, this knowledge is mostly untapped without a human viewing or listening. Moreover, even then, the infor- mation is consumed and stored in the worst kind of memory – human memory! “Hey, George, which video on the file share has that presen- tation of last year’s sales forecast?” Unless George remembers, it’s unlikely to be found. Also, the higher the volume of this type of media, the lower the chances of finding it. This problem is now a thing of the past…



Docxonomy Intelligent Archive


Docxonomy Intelligent Archiving will drive the reduction in costs while optimizing your infrastructure and making sure you maintain regulatory compliance. It utilizes the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to easily analyze both structured and unstructured information while keeping it secure.



Docxonomy Information Governance


Due to both the deep text parsing Docxonomy already performs to power its intelligent search, and the contextual understanding our engine draws from the written prose, our system is perfectly positioned to go one step further. We’ve added to our system’s intelligent analysis the ability to recognize sensitive information. With Docxonomy’s mature machine learning and natural language processing algorithms, recognizing such sensitive text is quite simple.