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Intelligent Archiving and Application Decommissioning

In this webinar, Bryan Reynolds, CEO, Docxonomy, will explain how to alleviate the burden and cost of maintaining legacy systems and truly harness your company’s knowledge by retaining just the necessary content in a secure accessible archive. He will share the latest advancements in Docxonomy’s Intelligent Archiving solution.

Automatically Identify Sensitive Data for GDPR Content

Our system is extremely powerful and has the ability to find this type of important content with very simple configurations on the backend.

Finding a Lease Agreement Has Never Been Easier

Just upload your files from the desktop, server or cloud and start searching. No complex manual data entry of properties, with Docxonomy and our intelligent processing, you can simply upload files and have us do all the work. We will automatically find dates, locations, people, and much more for you to search against.