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Docxonomy Launches New Website

Docxonomy Launches New Website

Docxonomy, a developer of an intelligent search platform for businesses of all sizes, today announced the launch of its new website at


The redesigned website delivers the information companies — of all sizes — need to understand the importance of intelligent search. Mirroring the simplicity of the Docxonomy system, the new website highlights the impressive features of the tool front and center along with Docxonomy’s various connectors and no risk pricing.


About Docxonomy


Docxonomy is an intelligent search platform that lets businesses of all sizes easily find, use and monetize their content. Built with the enterprise in mind, Docxonomy makes multiple on-premise and cloud-based content management solutions, including Documentum, SharePoint and more, searchable and enables the extraction of unstructured content into a universal format so users can find what they want when they need it.


For more information, visit the company at or follow Docxonomy on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


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Bryan Reynolds

Bryan Reynolds has over 25 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, senior executive and managing consultant with core competencies focused on enterprise content management, mobility, business process engineering, imaging, and records management. Currently, Mr. Reynolds is the Founder and CEO of Docxonomy. The breadth of his knowledge includes the architectural design and development as well as project management of numerous global, large-scale document/records management initiatives across multiple industries including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices, financial services, insurance, healthcare and public sector.

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