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Many industry forces drive energy companies to examine how they control their data. You must always be ready for Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) incidents and be prepared to review company processes and respond to new regulations as a result. These companies have learned to adapt to cyclical and fluctuating commodity prices. When prices go down, they shift focus to improving operations efficiency and Asset ROI. When prices go up, they shift focus to investing in capital projects. Unfortunately, these companies find that consistency and control across the data involved is scattered across multiple systems and processes with little insight into how it all ties together.


The good news is that none of those hurdles are problems for Docxonomy. Our deep analysis of both structured and unstructured content in your repositories, and our ability to understand natural language context are the solution to this problem. Docxonomy can provide useful engineering insight and intelligent analytics. This will enhance and speed up the process when executing large engineering projects while significantly reducing risk related to scope, schedule, cost and non-compliance.