Secure File Sharing

It is all in the link

The days of download, add as an attachment and click send hoping its secure enough are over.  That is not good file sharing and all you’ve done is create an insecure copy of the file.

With Docxonomy, sharing is simple and secure.  All you have to do is select the file and create a shareable link.  Instead of sending a copy of the file, you share the link.  The sharer has multiple options when it comes to securing the link which includes requiring a password to access the link.  

Sharing internally with other users of your account is quick and easy.  Furthermore, you can assured that even if you accidentally share a link internally with another user of your account who doesn’t have permission to see the file, the link simply will not work.  This is a great way of working with colleagues. Once a file is found, you have an easy way of pointing your co-workers to it.

Sharing externally, to users outside of your account and outside of Docxonomy is also an option.  When sharing externally, the sharer has the ability to make the link work only one time, allow it to be used until it is canceled or automatically expire the link after a certain time.  

Additionally, an account administrator has the ability to see what has been shared by users of the account and delete those shared links as required.


Powerful Text Analysis

Reading between the lines

When you allow Docxonomy to index your files, we go way beyond just seeing the words and letting you search for them.  Docxonomy’s text analysis capabilities are strongly rooted in natural language processing and machine learning algorithms.  This enables our system to parse sentence structure, determine parts of speech, identify people, places, groups, organizations, dates and other entities and draw a contextual understanding of the text itself.  We even automatically determine which words or entities are the most important within each file and allow you to refine your search based on those important, relevant words.

We perform this deep analysis of your text so that when you do want to find something, not only do we find it for you, but we know which results are the most relevant.   Additionally, we analyze the terms your search for. A great example, is that you could search for “manufacturing” and our system would return hits that reference “manufactured” and then you could further filter those results by our “Places” filter, which presents you with a list of locations where said items were manufactured.