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Finding a Lease Agreement

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Finding a Lease Agreement

If locating a key company document feels like the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, what you really need is intelligent search. Docxonomy’s down-to-earth solution makes finding a lease agreement and other documents simple and fast.

In 1984, the SETI Institute—that’s short for Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence—began its mission to explore the universe looking for signs of alien life. More than three decades later, they’re still looking

While the search for extraterrestrial intelligence continues, the quest for intelligent search here on earth is over. And we’re proud to say that the intelligence that powers Docxonomy’s search platform is distinctly human, not alien—which is a good thing since it was developed to be used by humans.

Docxonomy’s down-to-earth solution makes it possible to search all of your company’s files, whether they’re stored on-premise or on the cloud. Within minutes after you sign up for Docxonomy for the out-of-this-world low monthly price, you will be able to instantly locate any specific file or files you need, wherever they are stored.

Skeptical? Seeing is believing. Let’s go through a specific example to see how Docxonomy can help your company access and use all of its information faster and more efficiently while increasing your team’s productivity by eliminating wasted hours searching for documents across multiple locations.

A Search Platform that Reads Like a Human

To be clear, Docxonomy doesn’t require you to move your files. Using our proprietary connector technology, our cloud-based app taps into your on-premise or cloud-based systems, including Google Drive, Box, SharePoint, DropBox, OneDrive, Documentum, and more. With minimal or no IT support, that single interface makes your data searchable and accessible, while leaving it in your existing systems.

Our intelligent search platform uses Natural Language Processing (NLP), a branch of machine learning that enables a computer to read like a human. That means it understands the context and how words are used in documents. And like humans, the more Docxonomy’s intelligent search platform is used by your staff, the better it understands what they’re looking for.

For example, let’s say you need to find all lease agreements your company entered into for the period between 2018 and 2020. Simply type the word “lease” into Docxonomy’s search field and it will automatically return all lease agreements, whether they were scanned and stored on a shared server, or emailed to different locations, or stored in Documentum or Box.

When you see your search results, you’ll notice that not only is the word “lease” highlighted in each document listed, but also “lease agreement” and “leased.” Again, that’s because our machine learning NLP understands the context of how you use the word “lease.”

If you want to narrow your results to the years 2018-2020, you can use the simple Date Slider on the right side of the screen to set your parameters. Docxonomy automatically recognizes dates within the text. If you click on one of the results and enter 2020 in the document’s search field, it will highlight where the year 2020 appears in the document.

Docxonomy also searches images and video, using optical character recognition (OCR) technology to not only extract text but to recognize an image or even a single frame in a video. So if there are photographs found within a document that turns up in your “lease” search, Docxonomy analyzes and indexes the image to identify it. So if a lease agreement document that turns up in your search includes an image of the property’s floor plan, Docxonomy can recognize it, show the image, and label it “floor plan.”

Still not convinced?

Take Action: See It and Believe It

If you sometimes feel like key documents have been sucked into a black hole, never again to be seen, watch our video, Finding a Lease Agreement Has Never Been Easier. Seeing really is believing. And then sign up for Docxonomy for the low monthly price. There’s no contract, and you can start with one user or your whole staff, or any number in between. Isn’t it time to end your company’s quest for intelligent search?

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Bryan Reynolds has over 25 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, senior executive and managing consultant with core competencies focused on enterprise content management, mobility, business process engineering, imaging, and records management. Currently, Mr. Reynolds is the Founder and CEO of Docxonomy. The breadth of his knowledge includes the architectural design and development as well as project management of numerous global, large-scale document/records management initiatives across multiple industries including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices, financial services, insurance, healthcare and public sector.

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