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For Docxonomy, an intelligent search is the ability to understand meaning within a file. It’s all about using a computer to gather knowledge and understanding by reading and interpreting like a human being.  Docxonomy has a compelling way that leverages very modern capabilities regarding artificial intelligence and machine learning that allows us to extract the meaning for all of these files automatically.

Docxonomy doesn’t care if the file is an email, a document, a video or any other type of data. It analyzes all file types and breaks them down.   When a file contains text, our system interprets it to draw context and meaning. An easy example of this, is searching for the word “people” and our system knows that files referencing the word “persons” are also relevant.  In the today’s world of Internet search, something like that is taken for granted. But in systems designed to search your own files (as opposed to the public Internet), the same power doesn’t exist.

If there are images in your files, we analyze what’s pictured in them. We make predictions based on what we can interpret is displayed in the image. If there are videos, we transcribe them – extracting and examining what’s being said and we draw meaning from the speech, just like we do with text.  We also investigate each frame in a video, and we break it all down into searchable terms.

We do all of this without you having to enter anything other than putting the files into our system or linking them through a connector.

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Tom Kivlehan

Mr. Kivlehan's 22-year journey into the world of file content began immediately after graduating from Lehigh University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering.  He became immersed in consulting services and his focus was on enterprise-wide content management systems.  For over 10 years Mr. Kivlehan was a self-employed entrepreneur.  His work included customization of Documentum, Sharepoint, imaging systems, mobile development and more.  In this capacity he worked directly with customers, hearing their requirements first-hand and designing and building system customizations to meet those requirements.  He has worked with customers in the Life Science, Insurance, Financial, Packaging, Automotive, Petrochemical, Legal and Real Estate industries.  Mr. Kivlehan is now delighted to apply those years of experience to help make Docxonomy a powerful, ground-breaking tool, essential to both businesses and consumers.

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