Intelligent Search for Life Sciences


Intelligent Language Translation


  • Time Wasted

  • Remainder

Knowledge workers spend 30% of their day searching for data

Don’t make it harder for them by forcing them to work in only one language. 

Don’t Speak the Language?…  No Problem!

You can’t have global insight without global reach and you can’t have global reach if you skip over data written in another language!  If you truly want to leverage all of your global data, you’ve got to be able to process and analyze multiple languages.
Your company has spent millions building content assets.  Why spend millions more rebuilding them, just because you couldn’t find one to reuse?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to search, find and reuse those assets, even if they are written in a foreign language?  Looking for a proposal, drug study or contract to reuse or build from? Did you know your team in France created such an asset two years ago that is perfect for what you need?  Find it in minutes with Docxonomy!
Moreover, with Docxonomy, you give your employees one interface to use to search your data globally.  Having to search 5 different systems to just to find one document is a thing of the past!  Find anything you need, in any language, while waiting for your latte.