Start Gaining Insight And Draw Analytics From Your Unstructured Data In Less Than An Hour


Cost To Develop One New Drug Is $2.6 Billion; Approval Rate for Drugs Entering Clinical Development is Less Than 12%

Leverage Docxonomy’s artificially intelligent solution to streamline your drug delivery process without costly migrations and expensive projects.

Revolutionize your Business with Intelligent Search, Insights & Analytics for Life Sciences

Life Science organizations face many challenges – skyrocketing development costs, government regulations, and shareholders demanding profitability – just to name a few. To remain competitive, companies must implement solutions to unlock the value in their information assets, mostly in unstructured documents. It is more important than ever to reduce the time and cost of drug development by making business processes more efficient and decision making more informed.
But how can this be accomplished when your organization is sitting on vast silos of unstructured information – from documents, images, email messages, social media posts, and videos? Until recently, this would take an enormous effort from knowledge workers, all trying to keep up with the deluge of incoming data. They spend all of their time sifting through documents, overwhelmed and unable to get a broader, insight-driven view. Docxonomy can help by employing our AI-enabled platform to analyze millions of PDFs, Word documents, emails, videos, images, and more. This allows Docxonomy to break down what was previously a tangled heap of miscategorized files, into actionable insight previously unknown or inaccessible. These insights enable data-driven decision making and improve organizational performance.

Our Solution

Docxonomy is our AI-based platform.  For the Life Sciences industry, our data analysis supports all business areas, from drug discovery to post-market monitoring.
Our system understands the context behind your data  This allows you to use Docxonomy to:
– Aggregate and report on the domain-specific data we’ve uncovered: drug names, side effects, inactive ingredients, etc.


– Access our analysis from your business intelligence platform of choice or other API.


– Search multiple repositories with more intelligence and relevance than you’ve ever had before.


– Identify data matching patterns you can configure: sensitive information, PII, business terms, etc.


– Share appropriate content, securely, both internally and externally.

Clinical Trail Inquiry

Adverse Event Analysis

Mergers & Acquisitions

Regulatory Informatics

Sales & Marketing

And More