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Content Management

We’ve built Docxonomy to work for anyone – from a single consumer to a large enterprise. If you’d like to use Docxonomy with multiple users, you may be interested in our content management features.


First and foremost, Docxonomy provides a single place to search. You may already have files scattered across multiple file shares or repositories or other clouds and that’s fine. Leave them where they are if you wish. Through the use of our connectors], you can still search for your files in Docxonomy. By using Docxonomy you receive the added benefit of a powerful centralized intelligent search and file sharing solution, without impacting your existing business systems and processes.


User and Group Management


Within Docxonomy an account administrator can set up user access and manage group membership.  Simply create a group and assign users to those groups as necessary. Once you have created your groups, assign group permissions to files within the account. All security is managed by who has access to the group whether it is one or many people in the group.




Surely some of your files are more sensitive than others, even internally within your organization. At Docxonomy we understand this. Permissions can be assigned and adjusted on a per-file basis and can also be assigned at the connector level. You can assign multiple connectors to a single source repository or file share. So, if some file from a source repository are more sensitive than some others from that same repository, you can simply assign two different connectors with different permission sets in Docxonomy to ensure they are secured properly within our search index.


Cloud Security


There are multiple layers to the security of Docxonomy.  First and foremost, our system runs in the companies cloud of choice.  Whether you run on-premise or in Azure, AWS or Google Cloud, Docxonomy runs behind your company firewall.  This means Docxonomy adheres to your company’s security policies.  Secondly, Docxonomy encrypts your data in transit and at rest through both SSL and our own additional encryption layers.  For added security, our encryption keys rotate on a regular basis.


Performance and Scalability


Got hundreds or thousands of users? I bet you are concerned about performance. Will Docxonomy’s search perform well under such a heavy load. What if we index millions of documents from 10 of our repositories? No problem. Our system is designed to be highly scalable.  We can meet any scaling requirements to process the data during an initial load and easily be scaled back when that process is complete.


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July 22, 2018


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